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Have you always been interested in learning how to scuba dive? Never found the right instructor? Look no further than Pirates Cove Scuba in Oklahoma City, OK. We are a full service dive shop offering training, travel, equipment sales, rental and repair. Our team offers scuba diver training classes from beginning classes through instructor.

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Regulator Analysis and Service

Pirates Cove uses a Global Flowbench to test and service regulators. This machine can analyze all essential functions of scuba valves and regulators, and is the ONLY apparatus that can determine a regulator’s performance UNDERWATER by simulating a diver’s respiratory demands at depth while simultaneously monitoring the breathing effort being expended to obtain critical air flows.

We offer a full service equipment repair for major scuba products and brands. Please print and fill out a *service request form if you need repair work done.

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Valuable Travel Protection for that one special trip

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Every diver needs his or her own personal equipment to be able to scuba dive. Initially that equipment consists of a mask, fins and a snorkel. This equipment is fitted to the individual. Since most students do not know what equipment to purchase, and what is considered “a good fit,” we are here to help.

Pirates Cove Scuba in Oklahoma City, OK is an authorized dealer for the following products. If you have any special requests, Pirates Cove is happy to make special orders. We also rent quality equipment for training and short trips. Contact our store for more details.

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